I Just Bought Flare – Where Do I Start?!

MadCap Flare is one of the most powerful help authoring tools on the market, but that power, and Flare’s many options, can be confusing for new users. Which options should you use when starting a project? The first project in a series of projects? Is there an optimal workflow?

In this presentation, we’ll look at a basic set of control files and standards to create before starting your first project, with a view toward applying them to later projects. Topics include setting up a master/child project structure to automatically feed standard files to multiple projects, defining topic type templates and adding them to Flare’s interface, creating a stylesheet and table stylesheet, defining rules for conditional build tags, control file folder conventions, and more. The goal is to help new users start using Flare under control and keep it that way.

Tools & Technologies
Location: Date: October 28, 2014 Time: 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm Neil Perlin Neil Perlin